Look…don’t just see!

We plan our journey on what we see and what we get to look at.
A wide difference in the world of imagination and reality. While both are important for us to balance our acts in this world, we often would want a complete world.

Completeness of our world is better achieved when we look. When we look into the mirror is when we get to find the existence our reflection in this world. When we just see a mirror, we get to encounter the world with everything else except us in it.

A key hole provides limited sight on what is behind the door. When we open the door we not only get a sight on what we are facing but also get to step out and have a complete look on where we have stepped.

The world we envisage is complete only when we look. That clarity in which the world operates. When we look is when we get what we desire. We need to give away what we aspire for ourselves.

Look, to complete the world, to complete relationships, to find a better us inside us.

Look, don’t just see.


Speak…don’t just talk!

To desire for a tree by just sowing seeds will not serve the purpose. That is mere communication. The commitment to nurture and add valuables towards its growth is called conversation.
A multiple path towards a single journey.

Being tuned control freaks, we close doors towards ambiguity. We forget that communication is incomplete without conversation. We engulf in our world by just talking. We just cannot talk and build relationships. We need to speak. Stories can be formed with monologues, but relationships are incomplete without dialogues.

The exchange of thoughts, ideals, values and importantly attitude is best done when there are conversations. We get to read the reciprocals. We get to listen to the music from the right chord.

Speak, as there is world on the other side of the table. Converse, as we do with ourselves. Give chances as there is always a tomorrow. Build relationships, play along the music of conversations.

Speak, don’t just talk.


Listen…don’t just hear!

Seldom do we not understand that sounds pass through our ears.

We hear. We pass sounds through a test of distinction. Distinct them from what we hear to what we try to understand. We distinct sounds is when we just hear.

With this distinct categorization we seldom realize that we just heard sounds. We did not pass them through us. We did not listen.

When we hear the mere ringing sound in our ears which is the existence of the capability, we wonder, we react. But when we listen to the sound, it is no more just a sound. We begin to realize the existence of the surroundings and how we are a part of it. These aren’t categorizations. These are realizations. Which seeds in only when we listen and not just hear.

Listening is the code towards a bond. A bond much stronger than just a few sounds passing by our ears. When we hear is when we react. When we listen is when we find solutions.

Don’t let the sounds just elude through us. Listen, as there is life in every sound, every word, every sentence and every thought.

Listen and don’t just hear