FIRE – There is light only when something burns!

We mostly want to escape from the unwelcome darkness in search of light. That light which would pave a path towards the life which we desire.

How do we escape the darkness if we don’t want to face that fire which gives light! That light which is a product of darkness going in flames.

We often associate fire with excruciating pain, or fear or destruction. Though it is all of the above, but it is also light, warmth, creation and a symbol of purity. Creation of something new when something old, which may have been loved or loathed went up in flames. Result of that destruction not only gave away light, but also created a road for a new beginning.

Fire being one of the sacred elements of nature, it should be associated with the purity of life we desire to live.

Let us evolve beyond the fear and the pain which is the essential cost of living and try to worship those necessary things which went up in flames leaving behind a light and purity to take us to our future course.

Creation being a reminder of the necessary evolution.


There is light only when something burns!


The companionship of body and soul is a mystical bond beyond our comprehension.

We often see the body and know of its importance but curious to read the soul which is the lifeline of the body.

HemasSphere brings to you the soul or the lifeline of the five elements of nature and how they represent our lives.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Sky

This post concentrates on first of the series.


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