Air – There is silence in noise and noise in silence!

We often believe that what we see is what exists. How often do we realise that this would just be a lore! Everything is seen, from desires to bridges, from feelings to myth, from faith to belief and from a lie to truth.

How often do we see the soul inside a life! Something which can’t be felt or seen, but still exists. This path towards soul search leads us to, Air.

Our existance depends on the existance of Air. Never seen, but just felt. One of the sacred lifelines for our existance.

Air represents awareness. Without awareness life would seem like a journey without destination. Awareness is like knowledge printed on the empty pages of a book.

Air brings awareness, to let us hear things to our capacity, to see things moving towards or away from us and, to feel, which forms the unique but basic quality to be carried by us humans. We need to carry and absorb inside us that quality which air possesses. To be aware and spread awareness of positivity or otherwise and life within and beyond us.

Live and let live, be aware of the freedom of awareness. Move along with life as it keeps you rolled towards destination of your journey. Embrace awareness.


There is silence in noise and noise in silence!


The companionship of body and soul is a mystical bond beyond our comprehension.

We often see the body and know of its importance but curious to read the soul which is the lifeline of the body.

HemasSphere brings to you the soul or the lifeline of the five elements of nature and how they represent our lives.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Sky

This post concentrates on Air – third of the series.


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