Am I stuck!

Am I stuck
Stuck in a season
Which was all where I wanted to be

Am I stuck
Stuck with a reason
That cloudy sky will bring rain to me

Am I stuck
Stuck with a desire
Desire for a journey of miracles

Am I stuck
Stuck on an attire
Wrapping the attire to my soul

I am now stuck
With a new attire
Wrapped around my soul
And stuck again with the same questions
But now in a different role

Hema S


I am an Art!

I am an art
What if I was just a plan canvas
Mounted on a stand and could be filled in

I am an art
What if there were a few hands
To paint into me

I am an art
What if I had no choice over the colours
Which were to depict my beauty

I am an art
What if I had no control over the thoughts
Which were going to me poured on me

I am an art
What if there were audience to judge
My appreance and what I meant

I am an art
What if there are colours on me
And I am brought out from just thougths

I am still am art
Plain or with colours and thoughts
A life beats inside of me

Hema S

Nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award

I sincerely thank Foolchund Saahil for nominating me for The Mystery Blogger Award. I invite our followers and readers to take a look at this wonderful blog and his writing by clicking on the link above.

Please vote for me for win this award.


Mystery Blogger Award:

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

It is an award given to amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are the one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with much love and passion.

Okoto Enigma

The Rules:

  • Put the award logo/image in your post
  • Enter the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and include a link a link to their blog
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice with one weird or one funny

3 Things about myself:

  • I understand that it is important to have mask around with us to help us live, but I would hate wearing it all the time and also dislike people doing it. I like being real. There is difference between diplomacy and being fake.
  • Fun loving extrovert. Feel I am a good blend of maturity and imaturity. And that keep me balanced.
    There is so much to see in this world, but I believe that should not keep you away from looking and understanding yourself first. That will help you understand and connect with others.

Answers to the question from Foolchund Saahil

1. What is better; travelling alone or with friends?

I have travelled alone just once. I did not find that much fun as it was on work.I like travelling with friends/family. To add on, travelling with friends or family or alone will be fun if you enjoy with company, else it can be quite frustrating.

2. Why have you started blogging?

I have been writing from quite sometime. I started writing quotes and posting in on my Facebook account. My friends encouraged my writing and motivated me to write. And blogging gets me much wider audience. Hence started blogging.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing you had to do?

I had to tell a colleague of mine to use a WBC to relive herself as she was new to the concept as she hailed from a small town and had no knowledge how to use it, without her getting offended. Oops moment. She used to relueve herself on the floor and it was unhygenic for further use.

4. Apart from writing, do you have another passion?

Apart my writing, my passion is my profession. I am an Employee Relations professional.

5. So far, what book or author do you love the most?If possible, quote a saying or line.

Racketeer and Jonathan livingston Seagull were my favorite reads till now. Don’t remember much of any quotes from them. But as I write quotes, I would like to mention 2 of my favorite quotes.

‘We carry a name, live a name and leave a name.’- Hema S

‘Success is not your companion for life as success does not live with you forever and companion never leaves your side.’- Hema S

My questions for the bloggers/writers I choose to nominate for the award are –

1. If you had the ability to speak and let people know of your thoughts the first day you were born, what would you say and to whom? (Creepy and fun and thought provoking question.ha ha)

2. If you were given a choice to live on moon, would you take it? And would you go alone or take someone with you? And who would you take along, if you chose to and why?

3. If you had a choice to be invisible for a day, what would you do? (creepy and fun question again)

4. Is there that 1 word which you hate using and hate to hear people use it? What is that 1 word?

5. As a writer, what would be that you want to tell the world often?

List of my Nominees are:

1. Prashant
2. VerseInEmotion
3. Anand
4. Enigma
5. SumitOfficial
6. Untold Feelings
8. Wings Of Poetry
9. yashkirti17
10. it rains in my heart

Please let me know through email or comment on this post about your post on the Award.

Congrats to all nominees

I am not sure how this award is won. I asked Foolchund Saahil and he has no idea too. I reckon this has some voting criteria. Please let me know if you have any idea how voting helps and if non bloggers can also vote for me.

Live…don’t just breathe!

We determine directions. Directions to reach our destination. But, is that really our destination or just a haven.

Our destination would just be a fantasy land built up with our whims where we clearly fail to understand the reality. Worship our fantasy land and just follow the instructions laid down. Eat and drink the rulebook that we need to breathe to live. But does breathing alone suffice?

Fitment in the world is not breathing and hence not definition of life, neither is isolation. Life has more to offer than the count of time spent with people or admire the cage we live in.

Our system is built to bond with the air which has to offer us its intrinsic benefits. We return the favour to the parts which need what we let out.

But we don’t imbibe this feature with us and just gape at the clock and determine that it does not sing. For the fear of being labeled an outcast or it’s just that we mistake the mist to be dust from our past.

Just breathing is like food for survival. We can die if you eat too much. But living are like those complimentary tears which rolls down our cheeks when we get to laugh. It educates us that tears exists along with laughter and that they complement each other.

We don’t hide anything from ourselves, but when we do, we stop living in the reality. We glorify the fiction and start believing that when we inhale and exhale, we laugh. That we live when we breathe.

Skeletons in our closet aren’t hideous, we are. Either we open our closets and bury the skeletons or just keep them closed pretending and puffing all the time. Pretense does not lead a way towards peace, it just buys you time. And life is not about buying time, it is not about how many times you breathe, it is about how you live and not how much you live.

Breathing is just a function and living is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that can accommodate this function aesthetically.

When we talk about heart, we include the presence of soul. It is necessary to breathe to survive, but it’s important to live to breathe.

Live the challenges and the laughter, tears that we master. Let friends find us, love search for us, battles leave us with scars to teach and learn, and move along with time and accommodate yet teach the world.

Live, don’t just breathe.


Feel…don’t just sense!

We often fight over how someone didn’t care for us or love the way how someone did. We ponder over and over again on why someone missed the streak and offended us or broke us. Why someone didn’t sense the us within us and just left cold.

The truth is that there was sense that is why there was a reaction. That something which was missing was the feeling. That very thin thread which looks like the never seen sea shore from one end of the shore to another.

Sense is something which comes naturally to us, we are designed that way and it is our perception that we cannot feel everything that comes our way.

But if we cannot feel everything that comes our way, then how do we even cry or laugh at things we happen to encounter, actually encountered when we least expected. Feeling for something does not need any extra tickle or extra cuts to come our way. We are built to feel.

When we feel our wound, we cannot just sense the pain someone else is going through. We want to belong to the world and let the world come in to our arms too. Just keep pulling a curtain on others is the way not to belong to the world. When we treat others like we would treat our wound, is when we feel. When we make someone else laugh like they mean the world to us is when we feel.

Let’s be something better than a machine made to sense. Let’s be better than two words ‘I understand’. Let’s be a ‘I know’.

There is more to the world, to people around us, to life, and to us than just sensing out things. Feelings bond with life. Let us make feelings our companion for life

Feelings makes us feel alive. Learn and bond, don’t just understand.

Feel, don’t just sense.

Look…don’t just see!

We plan our journey on what we see and what we get to look at.
A wide difference in the world of imagination and reality. While both are important for us to balance our acts in this world, we often would want a complete world.

Completeness of our world is better achieved when we look. When we look into the mirror is when we get to find the existence our reflection in this world. When we just see a mirror, we get to encounter the world with everything else except us in it.

A key hole provides limited sight on what is behind the door. When we open the door we not only get a sight on what we are facing but also get to step out and have a complete look on where we have stepped.

The world we envisage is complete only when we look. That clarity in which the world operates. When we look is when we get what we desire. We need to give away what we aspire for ourselves.

Look, to complete the world, to complete relationships, to find a better us inside us.

Look, don’t just see.

Speak…don’t just talk!

To desire for a tree by just sowing seeds will not serve the purpose. That is mere communication. The commitment to nurture and add valuables towards its growth is called conversation.
A multiple path towards a single journey.

Being tuned control freaks, we close doors towards ambiguity. We forget that communication is incomplete without conversation. We engulf in our world by just talking. We just cannot talk and build relationships. We need to speak. Stories can be formed with monologues, but relationships are incomplete without dialogues.

The exchange of thoughts, ideals, values and importantly attitude is best done when there are conversations. We get to read the reciprocals. We get to listen to the music from the right chord.

Speak, as there is world on the other side of the table. Converse, as we do with ourselves. Give chances as there is always a tomorrow. Build relationships, play along the music of conversations.

Speak, don’t just talk.


Listen…don’t just hear!

Seldom do we not understand that sounds pass through our ears.

We hear. We pass sounds through a test of distinction. Distinct them from what we hear to what we try to understand. We distinct sounds is when we just hear.

With this distinct categorization we seldom realize that we just heard sounds. We did not pass them through us. We did not listen.

When we hear the mere ringing sound in our ears which is the existence of the capability, we wonder, we react. But when we listen to the sound, it is no more just a sound. We begin to realize the existence of the surroundings and how we are a part of it. These aren’t categorizations. These are realizations. Which seeds in only when we listen and not just hear.

Listening is the code towards a bond. A bond much stronger than just a few sounds passing by our ears. When we hear is when we react. When we listen is when we find solutions.

Don’t let the sounds just elude through us. Listen, as there is life in every sound, every word, every sentence and every thought.

Listen and don’t just hear